Limping across the hospital corridor towards the car parking, after being administered an injection,I told myself: THAT DOCTOR HAS A HEAVY HAND (goub ath e in kashmiri parlance), after feeling a deep sense of pain run down my spine.
Earlier in the morning I had noticed a black mark on right arm but had ignored it for any minor insect sting. Come evening & my entire body was aching, my heart was thumping hard & after the pain had crossed the threshold of endurance that I decided to inform my Mom.
I was taken to a nearby hospital where the only female doctor in the dimly-lit room no. 3 prescribed few tablets and an injection. Although, frankly speaking, she had no idea of what had stung me. When my uncle asked her “Ye cha zualer tuaph”? ( Is it a spider sting?), she gave a perplexing reply saying,” hyakyae te easith te nate hyakae easith”(May be, may be not). I left the room in a state of astonishment.
The clock on the dash board of my uncle’s car ticked pass 6, after I opened the window. And suddenly my throat developed a lump, I was shivering, my heart was pounding abnormally, I was sweating profusely. I tried to quench my thirst but it seemed insatiable. All this while I found my uncle consoling me. “Nadeem, theek chukka”? ( Nadeem, are u ok?), he would utter repeatedly. And as I was losing my consciousness and my vision too, I tried hard to answer his queries but could only mutter “ ahnu” (yes). I thought this was the end of my chapter & began reciting the kalimah, with my gaze constantly looking out of the car window for any sight of the Angel Of Death. I beseeched Allah that If this be my last moments of life then please bestow me with some few more minutes so that I can see my Mom one last time, die in comforting lap, hug her one last time with a tight embrace, kiss her and bid her adieu. I was recalling all the happy moments of my life in those few minutes I was fighting for my life. But thankfully I got to live yet another day. Few more days to accomplish my goals, few more moments to enjoy with my friends and family.
Back home the speculations were rife. Some felt I was bitten by a spider, Mom felt I had attracted an evil eye (Mind you, I am not beautiful). I informed my best friend on Facebook, yes that bloody social network that doesn’t let go off us, of my ordeal. Late at night, the same friend had posted about my experience on his facebook wall. I felt a ted embarrassed, but was overwhelmed by the comments posted by his friends and thought he had done it out of sheer love. A pearl of laughter escaped my lips when I read few amusing comments about the possibility of I turning into a Spiderman.
That day taught me few lessons that a person no matter how powerful he thinks of himself should never feel arrogant and harbor ill feeling about anyone as life is a matter of few seconds and bearing a grudge against anyone won’t please the Creator at all.
I slept a sound sleep that night.