Have you ever been to a party you were never invited to? I have.. It was way back in the summer of 2007 when I was in 12th standard. It was a gloomy afternoon and I was idling at home anticipating rain later that evening. All of a sudden a friend turned up at home and informed me about the marriage ceremony of his distant relative. “You are coming with me, Nadeem, he ordered. And I was like “what! Are you crazy?” “No,” he retorted “I don’t feel like going to the party” alone and I want to come along”. Eventually after much insistence, I gave in. En route, I kept asking myself “what am I doing?.” Frankly, It was against my principles and I was virtually dragged into doing this ‘sin’. My friend kept bucking me up all the while we were in the bus. “kyeh na chunne” was the common refrain. Finally we reached the designated place in downtown, Srinagar and it was time to ‘relish’ the feast. Most of the Shamiyana was filled with the guests as we entered and my friend, much to my utter shock and embarrassment, sat right in the midst of his relatives and introduced me. I had to face some quizzical looks from his relatives. “What the hell are you doing here, man?” All this while I evaded eye contact with them. Meanwhile the feast was served and I devoured every morsel on the Trami. Dapaan Muftuk Shuaraab chu qazyaw ti chowmut. The remorse had vapored off with the delightful taste of the Wazwaan-the father and mother of all cuisines-by then and I returned home with a half full stomach ( I am an optimist) :D.