(Guest post by Is’haq Bhat )

Once there lived a gentleman named Tom in a posh colony of a distant country. One dreaded day Tom’s colony was hit by a devastating flood and the water reached the second story of his plush house. Tom, along with his parents, was trapped in the attic for about twenty days as he watched his neighborhood through a small window with a melancholy gaze. He tried everything to kill time-from tearing his new shoes to trimming his hair-but nothing helped to ward off the boredom.
One day when internet network was restored, Tom breathed a deep sigh and began browsing the net as if it were his last day of life.
Slowly the waters began receding and the life returned to normal. The first thing he resolved to do was to cleanse his room off the slush and muck that had permeated its every nook and cranny.
After burning a thousand calories wandering in the city center, Tom concluded that going to the market for shopping is an exercise in waste, so he decided to buy everything online whether it be an under wear or shaving machine.
While browsing the online shopping website, an advertisement popped-up suddenly on his computer screen. The advertisement appeared out of nowhere and this made Tom a bit annoyed and angry as well. It evoked the memories of exams where he had always felt betrayed when a few out-of-syllabus questions had appeared in the paper.
But, Tom, instead of ignoring the advertisement decided to have a look and it was not that bad an advert. “Get 100 visiting cards published for Free. Free. Free,” announced the pop-up.
Scratching him head and a half grin on his face; Tom filled all the required information on the visiting card.
After doing the necessary, Tom felt drowsy and slept but the one thing kept nagging him even in his sleep. He was a journalism student and an ace graphics designer working at a local newspaper and the fact that he was not allowed to design his own visiting card (it was not included in the FREE OFFER) had not pleased him a bit.
Tom had a crush on a girl and he was printing his own cards to impress and win over her love.
After a few days, Tom was aroused in the morning by a knock on the door. He was a lazy guy and getting up from bed to check on the visitor felt too burdensome for him. But the knocking was persistent and Tom finally dragged himself from the bed and opened the door with his half-open eyes. It was a courier delivery boy with his big bag slung over his shoulder.
Courier Boy: Sir, this courier is for Mr Tom.
Tom: Yup! That’s me.
Courier Boy: (After handing him the courier) Sign here!
Tom did the requisite and bid good bye to the boy. Back in his room, the excited Tom un-wrapped the courier and took out his Visiting Cards. He was surprised that the design of the card was amazing. If he were allowed to do the honors, he would have chosen the same design.
On that day Tom became a ‘Printed’ Journalist.
(The above is a work of fiction)
The author is an aspiring film-maker and he can be reached at ishaqbhat19@gmail.com